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Ford 2N


The 9N was revised a number of times, until being relaunched as the 2N in 1942.
The 2N still came in dark grey, but now had added improvements, including a larger cooling fan and a pressurized radiator.
However, the 2N, like the 9N, still had only a 3-speed transmission, a disadvantage compared to many tractors at the time, such as the Farmall A and M.
By this time, wartime regulations had imposed manufacturing economies, and some 2Ns can be seen with all-steel wheels.
Batteries were reserved for the war effort, so the all-steel wheel tractors came with a magneto ignition system instead of a battery and had to be started with a hand-crank.

Introducing a new model name also allowed Ford to raise the price of the tractor.
Wartime price controls prevented the raising of prices on existing models, but they could not determine the price of a "new" model.
Despite the model name change, the serial numbers continued to be prefixed with "9N".

After the war the steel wheels and magneto system were replaced with rubber tires and batteries, respectively.