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About Us

I started in 1997 repairing Ford 8N tractors as a hobby.

In June 1998 after restoring my own Ford 8N Tractor, I was using it to clear property I had purchased to build a house on.  I was cutting trees down and pulling them out of the way, to clear a path for electric poles to be installed. Some of the trees got caught on a stump, my foot was not on the clutch and the tractor flipped over on top of me. 

I was trapped under the seat next to the rear tire, and was quickly running out of breath and could not speak due to the position I was trapped in.

My wife and brother's quick thinking of using my pickup truck and the straps that I was using to pull the trees out of the way, to pull the tractors rear tire up enough for me to crawl out, SAVED MY LIFE !

Although, I broke my left clavicle (Collar bone) and both bones in my right ankle, I survived !

I was out of commission for 6 weeks, and after several months passed, I restored my damaged tractor again and then sold it.

Needless to say, I didn't finish clearing the property.  We sold the property and bought already cleared property in Magnolia, Texas.  We built a home along with a 2000 square foot shop.

My love of restoring these vintage tractors has lured me into restoring them again.

I have taken before and after pictures of these tractors.

Click here to see the before and after pictures.

In addition to restoring these tractors, I have decided selling the parts for others to restore tractors would be a great addition to the restorations and repairs that I do.

If you know of anyone with a 2N, 8N, 9N Ford Tractor, let them know that I sell the parts to fix the tractors and/or can repair and restore any of the 3 Ford tractors listed above.